Haute Bohemian: The collection was inspired by the work of travelling photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna, Haute Bohemians, in which he explores the homes of artists, art dealers, scholars and designers of the world.

A century has past since Puccini created La Bohème... the modern bohèmes, living a sophisticated life full of traveling and art do not cease to attract us.


Lace back Brazilian Lace back Brazilian

A luxurious Brazilian Thong with French leaver lace beautifully outlining your hips and creating elegant contrast on your skin.

Style with matching bra: Balconette Bra - Santal Blue, Plunge Bra - Sans souci palace

Lace Back Brazilian - Santal Blue

Color: Santal Blue
  • - Thong shorts

    - Leaver lace outlining side to back side

    - Relaxed Fit

    100% Polyester

    - Lace: 30% Polyester, 70% Polyamide

    - Lining: 50% Cotton, 50% Rayon