x Sofie_neu Travel Collection


Welcoming Sofie_neu as our muse, Maimia presents to you a capsule collection for a travelling lifestyle.

Small items that remind you to cherish your days at home as you would your traveling days.


Travel Candle Set

Sofie_neu always brings a travel candle along with her.


Inspired by her travel tip to remember to take a breath and relax in the middle of the excitement of travelling, we picked out 6 scents perfect for your trip and your stay at home vacation.


These soy wax candles are created by an Australian wellness brand, LINA BADA.


Special packaging made to order for our Bitte nicht Stören collection.

(The packaging in the first image is the standard packaging, and different from the product's actual packaging)

This pocketable candle comes with a handy lid and is perfect for on the go travelers. The set includes a collection design satin drawstring pouch.


Perfect not only for your hotel rooms but for your bathroom and terasse chill out moments, the refreshing scents instantly creates your own relaxing corner.




[ Sofie_neu's Favorites / her comments ]

- Bulgarian Winter -

A clean and refreshing scent of winter roses. Perfect for mornings, I would love to light up this floral scents first thing in the morning”.


NOTES: Herbal Floral

Top: White Tea

Middle: Rose Absolute, Bulgarian Rose, Winter Rose

Base: Ylang Ylang



Autumn Rain -

A scent with temperature. Oriental jasmine on ylang ylang and amber base gives a warm tone. Great for sunset aperitifs and long bath times”.

NOTES: Fruity balsam

Top: Rain, Autumn leaves

Middle: Jasmine, Balsam Pine, Kudzu Blossom

Base: Ylang Ylang, Oakmoss, Misty Amber



- Spring in Tokyo -

Soft and feminine scent of cherry blossoms and jasmine. Would suit a spring teatime. The blossoming floral scent promises the beginning of something new”.


NOTES: Floral oriental

Top: Rose Geranium, Japanese Incence

Middle: Cherry Blossums, Japanese Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Gardenia

Base: Patchouli, Tonka, Musk Incense



[ Maimia's Favorites ]

- L'Unisexe -

Exotic Orchid lingers at the accession of twilight, gently coalescing with velvety, animalic Musk. Creamy Vanilla and opulent Tonka Bean intermingle to embody the unification of masculine and feminine energies, arousing a luxurious and seductive ambiance. For those "in the mood for love".(LINA BADA)


NOTES: Musky sensual

Top: City Breeze

Middle: Sensual Orchid

Base: Musk, Tonka Beans Masculine, Vanilla Feminine



- L'Urbain -

The stark cityscape stands in contrast to the verdant shadows of the dense forest. Spicy Clove Bud intertwines with Purple Floral to evoke the disparity between the wilderness and the urban landscape. Sensual Sandalwood and awakening Patchouli denote a warm, earthy element, conjuring the untamed essence of nature and creating an overall calming yet captivating