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The dressed you and the nude you.

​What about the you in between?

Art, culture, travel, vegetation….

Sources inspiring our delicate colours.

The suppleness and humidity of our textures convey emotion and passion.

Our dimensions and silhouettes define feminine curves.


We aspire to inspire the « you »

in between the nude you and the dressed you.

​Patterns with Style

Our dainty cut accommodates low neckline and diverse styles.


Our lingeries will not add volume; instead create a three-dimensional and

slim tidy silhouette by bringing height to your bust.

They do not push up, nor force you into a mould;

Our calculated pattern allow them to highlight your natural lines.


If you prefer the niche and stylish European lingerie

but can not find a brand that serves your body type…

If you love delicate design

but still hope to compliment your body…

We heard your voices.

Made in Japan

With our aspiration to introduce

the height of Japanese craftsmanship through lingerie,

our products are the fruit of carefully selected

fabric and material manufacturers, dye houses, and sewers.

We develop in close collaboration with

professionals from various fields

to achieve the supple and lustrous texture,

colours complimenting all skin shades,

and exquisite finishing for all of our products.


Maimia lingerie is assembled

under the careful eyes and hands

of Japanese craftsmen.

Their skill is particularly required in handling delicate leaver lace.


French Leavers Lace

Maimia lingeries are adorned

with the highest tier French Leaver lace.

With over 200 years of history,

French Leaver lace is hand crafted using a loom

only manageable by a seasoned artisan.

In comparison to the standard raschel lace,

they are known for their dimension and sophisticated translucency.


Our leaver laces come from the top lace brand

who also work with Haute Couture maisons.

Their fresh colour and exquisite patterns

are signature to the French brand.

​Our History

Debuted in May 2018 with First Collection « Marrakech »


Based in Tokyo, we started with an online store

and Pop-up appearances in the lingerie concept store, Il Felino.

Each season, we make Pop-up appearances

in department stores between Tokyo and Osaka.


In October 2019,

the brand was awarded 3rd place

in the up-coming brand contest «  Young Label Award »

within Interfilière Shanghai, the largest lingerie trade show in Asia.


We were awarded a booth

at the global intimate apparel show, Salon de la Lingerie

scheduled in January 2022.


Born 1990 in Tokyo.

She has a BA from Gakushuin University

and a MA from Keio University French Literature department.

Thesis on 19th century author Alfred de Musset.


Inspired while working at fashion school Esmod Japan as class interpreter,

she learned lingerie design

at Vantan Design Institute, Lingerie Design Course.


Founded Maimia Inc. in 2018.

Free shipping within Japan orders over 33,000 JPY (incl,Tax)

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