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​How to Care

About maintenance


- Hand washing is recommended, especially for items that use lace.

-When using a washing machine, put it in a cleaning net and wash it gently on the hand wash course (dry course, home cleaning course, soft course).

-After washing, gently reshape and dry in the shade.

-Do not tumble dry.


- Lace, satin, and tulle materials can be scratched or torn if sharp objects are caught on them. Be careful not to scratch it with your fingernails or zipper hooks on clothes.

​-Light and soft cup fabric is used so that it fits comfortably on the skin. When washing, please keep the three-dimensional effect by gently shaping the cup by hand before drying.

-Wrinkles on satin material can be restored by hanging it on a hanger. When it is difficult to return, you can easily return it by applying steam or hanging it in the bathroom.

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