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​ Emotional colors, sensual strokes,

A relaxed modern mood...

​ sparked a movement in New York after the war,

Inspired by abstract expressionist painters.

Just like putting colors on the canvas as you wish.

endlessly free and emotional,

A collection dedicated to modern women.


​Design Concept

Presence and beauty of overwhelming "color" because "form" is eliminated.

Colors loved by artists,

I want to reproduce each color combination that they have selected.

And the place I suddenly thought is the beginning of the collection.

I wanted to express

The freshness of unexpected color combinations,

The tranquility and passion created by the colors next to each other,sex appeal.

In post-war New York,

Of painters who spread paint on a large canvas and painted

A liberated and free mood.

In that mood,

In the collection, the top and bottom colors are

We made it so that you can mix and match as you wish.

​Enjoy even the busy daily life,

A modest proposal for modern women.

Iconic Colos

New YorkAmong the abstract expressionist painters active in

I drew an overwhelmingly sensual work

Clyfford Still (Clifford Still 1904-1980)When

Theodoros Stamos (Theodoros Stamos 1922-1997).

The ​ collection follows their favorite colors and is available in four colors.


 [ Clyfford Yellow ]Clifford Yellow

Loved by Stills and named after researchers"Clyfford Yellow"call

​iconic yellow

[Clyfford Vanilla]Clifford vanilla

A classic vanilla beige with a strong scent, also liked by Still.


[ Stamos Mauve ]Stamos Move 

​An open and sensual mauve from Greek-born Stamos

[ Leflkada Purple ]Lefkada Purple 

A series of works by Stamos on the theme of Greek islandsLefkadafrom (Lefkada)

​exotic and dangerous deep purple



Among the abstract works,

At first glance it looks like graffiti, but if you look closely,

The calculated layers of paint

Some create deep shades that are hard to describe.

in the collection,

Like a painter layering different colors,

Leaver lace is used, which is made by knitting threads of different colors.


on the blue thread

Lace woven with glittering threads of copper,

Depending on the amount of light, it looks bright blue like the sea

It looks like a sparkling nude copper color.

​It's a magical beauty.

The lace with copper thread on the ivory thread,

When the light hits

All the glitter melts into the skin.


​Mix 'n Match

Like an abstract painting painted on a canvas with bold colors,

Iconic color satin fabric and

Color block the magical sparkle lace.

Colors are arranged rhythmically on the body of the wearer,

For a 360-degree look that can be enjoyed from any angle.

In addition, as if an abstract painting was copied on the body as it is,

Match the top and bottom colors with different colors

So that you can style it as you like,

Adjusted the color balance.

for example,Lefkada PurpleOn top of  

Stamos MauveMatch the bottom of

​ Styling the top and bottom with slightly different shades.

Bottom next dayClyfford VanillaChange to stylish.


Daily lingerie selection,

A little bit more freedom, a little more playful ​.

​Open and modern mood,

​Enjoy it on your skin with vibrant colors.

Free shipping within Japan orders over 33,000 JPY (incl,Tax)

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