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​ Emotional colors, sensual strokes,

A relaxed modern mood...

​ sparked a movement in New York after the war,

Inspired by abstract expressionist painters.

Just like putting colors on the canvas as you wish.

endlessly free and emotional,

A collection dedicated to modern women.


​Design Concept

Presence and beauty of overwhelming "color" because "form" is eliminated.

Colors loved by artists,

I want to reproduce each color combination that they have selected.

And the place I suddenly thought is the beginning of the collection.

I wanted to express

The freshness of unexpected color combinations,

The tranquility and passion created by the colors next to each other,sex appeal.

In post-war New York,

Of painters who spread paint on a large canvas and painted

A liberated and free mood.

In that mood,

In the collection, the top and bottom colors are

We made it so that you can mix and match as you wish.

​Enjoy even the busy daily life,

A modest proposal for modern women.

Iconic Colos

New YorkAmong the abstract expressionist painters active in

I drew an overwhelmingly sensual work

Clyfford Still (Clifford Still 1904-1980)When

Theodoros Stamos (Theodoros Stamos 1922-1997).

The ​ collection follows their favorite colors and is available in four colors.


 [ Clyfford Yellow ]Clifford Yellow

Loved by Stills and named after researchers"Clyfford Yellow"call