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Repair service

I want you to be enchanted by the most beautiful lace in the world,

I want you to wear it every day because it is of high quality.

I want it to be a lifestyle essential.


Precisely because it is delicate lingerie,

Rather than hesitate to wear it for fear of tearing,

I want you to fix it many times and wear it every day.


Maimiaoffers a repair service in our atelier.


​How to Order Repair Service

Repair order method


InstagramofDM[@maimia_lingerie ],

orLINEofficial account [@maimia ] After checking the repair details,

in the online store [repair],

Please mail us your lingerie.

repair price

Repairs at the online store are basically

one piece550Circle~1100Yen (tax included) + round-trip shipping only.


(Strap stuffed:550Circle, lace fray:770Circle,

Under padding:1100Circle)


For difficult repairs or items that require materials, we will guide you after consultation.


Repair Service at Maimia Shop

Over-the-counter repair​

MaimiaOn staff days

want to repairMaimiaPlease bring your lingerie

Please check the contents, keep it, and hand it over at a later date.


Lingerie purchased in store

We can also adjust the size of straps and underwear.


Repair at the store is the repair fee at the online store

+220Circle~440Yen is acceptable.


Depending on the content, we may not be able to repair it, so

If you have any concernsDMorLINEPlease contact us.

Our answer to sustainability.

Love your Maimia forever.

Free shipping within Japan orders over 33,000 JPY (incl,Tax)

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