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2/9 WED - 2/15 TUE

​JR Nagoya

Host a pop-up event.

new work ”ARENA” DressPre-sale of   ahead of the rest of the country,

O,Romeo Lace Weekend Setsuch as the release of limited colors of

We will deliver special content that you cannot miss.

Popular  21 AW Moondance Collection ,

21SS Night Clubbing Collectionand

We will develop a full lineup.

During the period, the design team will be in the store all day,

We will help you choose your lingerie.

MaimiaInstagram in your account

In-store live distribution is also planned.

Please enjoy it even if you are far away.


[ place ]

JR Nagoya TakashimayaFourF.

Lingerie & Relaxing

[Date and time]

2Moon 9 sun wednesday -Moon 15 sun tuesday


[ About product inventory ]

pop-up product inventory

We share with our online store inventory.

Due to the limited number of products,

​We recommend visiting early during the period.

If you run out of size,

We will give priority to additional production.


[About visit reservation]

If you have already decided the date and time of your visit,

Make a reservation for a visit, the size you always wear, etc.

InstagramofDMor,Lineofficial account,

WEBIf you can contact us from the inquiry form of

We can guide you smoothly.

I will guide you in order,

During busy times such as weekends and final days,

You may have to wait for a while, so

Thank you for your understanding.


As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, ​

The staff does not enter the fitting room for fitting,

It will be self fitting.

Perfect size for self-fitting

I will do my best to make suggestions so that you can find it.

Please feel free to visit us.

Also, if you are in the store, please wear a mask.


Past Events


2.9-2.15    Seibu Shibuya

3.5 -3.14   Matsuya Ginza

4.21-4.27    JR Nagoya Takashimaya

5.18 - 5.24   Seibu Shibuya

10.5 - 10.11   Seibu Shibuya



2.5-2.11    Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store

6.10-6.16    Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

6.26 - 6.28    il Felino.

7.22 - 7.28   Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store

11.24 - 12.7   Seibu Shibuya



1.10 - 1.20     il Felino. 

3.6 - 3.12      Seibu Ikebukuro Main Store

4.17 - 4.23     Isetan Shinjuku store

5.15 - 5.21     Ginza Mitsukoshi

5.24 - 5.31     il Felino. 

​10.22 - 11.4     Seibu Shibuya

12.14 - 15    Ebisu"Beauty Bar"



6.23 - 7.7     il Felino. 

8.19 - 8.25     Lienge Jingumae

11.28 - 12.11     Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store

12.20 - 12.25     Lienge Jingumae



Free shipping within Japan orders over 33,000 JPY (incl,Tax)

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