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Haute Bohemian: The collection was inspired by the work of travelling photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna, Haute Bohemians, in which he explores the homes of artists, art dealers, scholars and designers of the world.

A century has past since Puccini created La Bohème... the modern bohèmes, living a sophisticated life full of traveling and art do not cease to attract us.



Lace Boyleg

Modern silhouette lace boyleg shorts. Leavers lace luxuriously covering the sides. Enjoy the peekaboo effect of the flowy leg holes.



Style with matching bra: Balconette Bra - Amber, Plunge Bra - Vetiver

Lace Boyleg - Amber

Color: Amber
  • - Boyleg Shorts


    - Leavers lace adorning the sides


    - Relaxed Fit



    100% Polyester


    - Lace: 30% Polyester, 50% Rayon

    - Lining: 50% Cotton, 50% Rayon


    - Care Guide